ZOOMify Me!

ZOOMify Me!

One of the by-products of the great lockdown has been the Z​OOMification of many businesses.

​When it became clear that showing up didn’t have to mean “in person,” creative business owners found ways to create commerce using Zoom and other online conferencing tools.

The magazine Fast Company recently identified several different industries that should have gotten the message to start “Zoomifying” their businesses (if they haven’t already).

​Here’s a few of their suggestions:

Health Clubs – it’s pretty clear most people don’t want to show up and sweat to the oldies wearing a mask. Instead, they could offer video ​classes to be held online. There are plenty of ways to work on that six pack without leaving the comfort of home.

Restaurants – even though in-house dining has been dramatically cut, savvy restaurant owners found ways to replace lost revenue by upping the ante with take-out services. Some are even offering online cooking lessons.

Schools – ​​it’s apparent that replacing onsite “chair time” with online coursework and training ​has given an opportunity for educators to innovate in new ways. Speaking from experience, the first attempts of this have been clunky and sending an 8 year old home with a laptop is something I definitely never had as a student. But, this is now our new way of life and the future of education will be forever changed.

​The whole model for interacting with customers has shifted because of the lockdown and COVID-19. Of course, there are drawbacks – it’s not what we’re used to and not anything we really wanted.

​But on the other hand, challenging times can shake the cobwebs free, and force us to dream up new ways to do things. I’m confident that when we get through this, we’ll discover we’ll actually like the way some businesses have adapted. Especially if my gym can figure out how I can exercise without having to lift a finger.

​Fortunately for us, we’ve been ready for this for years. We’ve been “Virtual” ready for almost a decade now. With clients in numerous states, we’ve had to be able to do it that way. So when the world shut down, it was business as usual for us.

Of course, we will continue to innovate so that we can overcome challenging times like this and make things as easy and convenient as possible for our client families. ​

Speaking of which, we are always here to have virtual strategy sessions with you from the comfort of your home. Just give us a call at 407-960-4052 or go to our online calendar by CLICKING HERE!

​​We always want you to be prepared for whatever life throws at you. Stay safe and healthy!!!

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​P.S. Click Here for our most recent Podcast on how to survive being furloughed or laid off​. This is a good one to share as well as the pandemic has hit people hard everywhere.

Nicholas Royer, MRFC

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