What People Are Saying

John & Yuko P.

“Group 10 Financial is the Real Deal! As my wife and I prepared for retirement, I met with numerous financial planners, but they either wanted a lot of money up front, or ONLY offered one specific type of investment. One planner even became enraged when I declined to sign up with him! Finally, I heard the On the Money Radio Show with Jerry and Nick Royer from Group10 Financial. What they said made a lot more sense to me, so I called the office and they sent me a packet of helpful information. When my wife and I met with Nick Royer, we had a great experience. There was no charge for evaluating our current financial situation and developing a plan, and no pressure, either! The customized strategy Nick created for our us was based on solid financial principles, which were easy to understand. My wife and I are so glad that we implemented our Financial Blueprint 3 years ago, which has worked incredibly well! Our finances weathered the financial storms during and after COVID-19, and both my wife and I feel so much peace knowing that we have a solid financial plan. We are grateful to Nick and the Group 10 Team, who have all treated us like family and enabled my wife and I to enjoy a financial worry-free retirement!”

– John & Yuko P.
(Current Client Since 2019)

Pat & Holly G.

“Hello from 12,749′ atop American Flag Mountain near Buena Vista Colorado. Living the dream made possible by the fabulous team at Group 10 Financial.”

– Pat & Holly G. (Current Client Since 2012)

Warner M.

“We want to thank you for everything you have done to help us with our financial planning.

We feel that it was our lucky day when we attended one of your seminars.  You have become our good friends.  Both of you have been very thorough and patient in explaining investments to us and guiding us to the right choices.  You are very professional and your company can be proud of you.”

– Warner M. (Current Client Since 1998)

Jack Gargan

“We are especially proud that America’s father and son financial planners, Jerry and Nick Royer, are members of the professional association I founded. We consider them to be our role models.”

– Jack Gargan, RFC
Founder, International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (Not a Current Client)

Loretta Y.

“I’d like to compare the Group 10 Financial team to the automobile feature On-Star, always there, always ready, expert advice and real professional caring people.”

– Loretta Y. (Current Client Since 1980)

Rev. Dr. John Clements

“There are no other financial planners that I can recommend more highly than Nick
and Jerry Royer.”

– Rev. Dr. John Clements, Author
(Not a Current Client)

Don and Betty W.

“My wife Betty and I attended one of Jerry and Nick’s workshops for seniors in March 2002.

We had saved up for our retirement here and were comfortable with the size of our accounts but weren’t happy at all with the yearly taxes going to Uncle Sam (no relation).

Jerry and Nick immediately suggested changes and we carried them out resulting in a larger income of tax-free dollars and savings of thousands in taxable income! Thanks!

We continue to use their advice and their trustworthy friendly service offered by their professional staff.”

– Don and Betty W. (Current Client Since 2002)

Jim McCarty

“The emphasis that Nick and Jerry Royer place on ethics and accountability in their practice of personal financial planning is very admirable.”

– Jim McCarty, CLU, RHU, LUTCF, RFC
(Not a Current Client)

Joan T.

“I was impressed with what Jerry and Nick had to offer me when the market was so down.

The strategy they explained using some carefully selected programs was the way I went. It gave me some hope for the future, which I didn’t feel I was getting with my other investments. They are a nice group of people to work with.”

– Joan T. (Current Client Since 2003)

Ed Morrow

“Their steadfast dedication to the well-being of their clients has justified the success and reputations of Jerry and Nick Royer, and their client care is unparalleled in financial services.”

– Ed Morrow, CLU, ChFC, CER, RFC
Former Chairman of the International Association of Registered Financial Consultants (Client Since 2010)

Brian Tracy

“Certainly personal financial planning is an important part of individual success. And Nick and Jerry Royer are an important part of personal financial planning.”

– Brian Tracy
International Speaker and Best Selling Author (Not a Current Client)

Albert J. K. Perkins

“For financial planning on the mainland, I recommend Nick and Jerry Royer.”

– Albert J. K. Perkins, IV
President, Asset Management Advisors, Inc. (Hawaii) (Not a Current Client)

Ingram Jeffrey Ushun

“We pattern much of our training on the teachings of Jerry Royer and Nick Royer in the United States.”

– Ingram Jeffrey Ushun, Ph.D, RFC
President, Solutions 21 Financial
Ontario, Canada (Not a Current Client)

Mehdi Fakharzadeh

“I believe in the benefits of financial planning as practiced by Nick and Jerry Royer.”

– Mehdi Fakharzadeh (Not a Current Client)

Alan W. Altmann

“Having been in the financial services industry for over twenty years I can point with pride to Jerry and Nick Royer as exemplary financial planning practitioners.”

– Alan W. Altmann, FIC, LUTCF, RFC
(Not a Current Client)

LaNell Switzer

“My choice for America’s consummate financial planners is Nick and Jerry Royer because I know they are caring, qualified, and help their clients make solid progress.”

– LaNell Switzer
Former Chairman of Royal Neighbors of America (Not a Current Client)

Paul Richard

“As a consumer advocate I approve of Nick and Jerry Royer.”

– Paul Richard, RFC, Executive Director
(Not a Current Client)

Fred B.

“Nick, Jerry, Joyce, Kim, Brian, Matt and the whole team make you a part of the family. They run a quality operation and make sure you feel special. Every appointment is personalized, and they never lose sight of the whole plan. Always a pleasure dealing with them. They take ownership for dealing with your external financial partners and just let you enjoy dealing with them. I look forward to every one of our appointments.”

-Fred B. (Current Client Since 2016)

Dan and Holly M.

“Nick and the amazing crew have decreased our stress and uncertainty about retirement and Medicare! The portfolio and plan we have was explained perfectly! Thank you, Thank you!!”

-Dan and Holly M. (Current Client Since 2016)


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