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Defuse: 7 Steps to Saving Your 401(k) From the IRS.

Baby Boomers and Gen Xers: Your retirement is at serious risk

If you have money in a 401(k), 403(b) or IRA, you stand to lose far more than you think to federal and state income taxes.

In this book by Dan Cuprill, CFP®, with a foreword written by Jerry Royer, RFC®, and Nicholas Royer, MRFC®, you’ll learn:

  • The threats retirees can face in today’s environment
  • How you can better secure your savings and Social Security benefits from taxes

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The Myth of Retiring in a Lower Tax Bracket

If you do not have a tax plan, you do not have a retirement plan. In this video, Nick Royer is interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist Erin Kennedy with the Retirement Wealth Academy to break down the common misconception that you’ll automatically be in a lower tax bracket when you retire. Nick shares the strategies you can implement now to create tax-free income in retirement and take advantage of today's historically low tax rates.

Retirement Risks that Could Cause You to Run Out of Money

The number one fear for most retirees? Outliving their money. But it's hard to know exactly how much money you'll need to achieve your unique retirement goals without sacrificing your quality of life. Nick Royer recently appeared on the Retirement Wealth Academy, hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Erin Kennedy, where he broke down the four biggest risks to your retirement nest egg.

The Benefits of Working with an Independent Advisor

As the markets have become increasingly complex, so has dealing with most financial companies. Large investment companies have overwhelmingly turned toward automation and non-personalized advice for individuals. Perhaps that's why the number of people seeking out independent financial advisors has recently jumped 18%, according to the Investment Advisor Association.

Nick Royer was recently interviewed by Emmy Award-winning journalist Erin Kennedy on the Retirement Wealth Academy to outline the things to look out for when working with an independent advisor.

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3 Ways to Maximize Your Retirement Income and Minimize Your Tax Bill

If you don't have a tax plan, you don't have a retirement plan. In retirement, you not only want to maximize your income, but you also want to minimize your tax liability.

3 Reasons Your Social Security Check May Be Lower

Despite a sharp increase in the COLA for 2023, some people may see a lower Social Security payment this year.

3 Ways the Debt Ceiling Showdown Could Affect Your Finances

U.S. Debt recently hit a record new high... 31 Trillion dollars! Now Congress will have to vote whether to raise the debt limit again, fueling fears of default, which would have enormous consequences on the economy and your finances.

SECURE Act 2.0: Later RMDs, 529-to-Roth Rollovers, and Other Tax Planning Opportunities

Congress recently passed SECURE Act 2.0, which will bring several changes to retirement account rules.

Proactive Planning for 2023 and 5 Key Resolutions

2022 was a brutal year for investors. 2023 is sure to be challenging, but there are some action steps you can take now, to set yourself up for success no matter how the market behaves.