How To Develop A Wealthy Mindset?

How To Develop A Wealthy Mindset?

Any athlete at the top of their game will tell you this: Their success didn’t start in the gym. Or the field. Or even at the kitchen table. It started in their head.

In fact, a couple of days ago I sent a quote to my 13-year old son Bradley (who plays​​​ tournament golf). It was a quote from Jack Nicklaus ​who said…

“I never missed a putt in my mind!”​​​

The same can be said about the super wealthy. You see, they have a different set of beliefs, philosophies, and strategies than the average Joe. They’ve kicked the unproductive mindset ​away and embraced new thoughts and ideas.

​You might be holding some of those old thoughts. If so, I have a few ways to change course.

Here’s the first one:

Working hard, even at a job you hate, can make you rich.

​Is that true or false?

Well, I guess it depends.

​Have you ever seen the film “The Company Men?” It’s tough to watch. A few of the movie’s characters kept working at this corporation even though they weren’t happy.

When their jobs were tanked by downsizing, it forced them to re-think their entire lives. They were unprepared and lacked a backup plan.

Unfortunately, this has happened to alot of Americans this year already. They’ve been forced into early retirement or forced out of the workforce, questioning their futures and what to do next. Most people found out the hard way that they didn’t have a backup plan in place.

​That’s one of the big differences that we see with the ultra successful. They are passionate about what they do, their jobs give them fulfillment, and they plan for those “What-Ifs” in life.

​This year is full of challenges, but it’s also full of opportunity! Sometimes it just requires us to change our ​​​mindset ​a bit. Sometimes we need to hope and live for the best, but plan for the worst. Sometimes it requires a little bit of advanced planning for those not so good days.

​That’s what we are here for! ​

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​​While we hope for the best moving forward, we know that t​he future will bring with it new challenges. The good news is these challenges can be planned for.

That way you can look at your retirement in your mind and know that you are prepared for whatever life throws at you. Stay safe and healthy!!!

​All the Best,

​Nick Royer, MRFC

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