Some Say that… “Retirement is SO boring.”

Can you believe it? There are retired Americans out there that think retirement is boring!

After a lifetime of work, all that freedom can be overwhelming to some, and it can be challenging to fill up the day.

That’s why some folks who’ve retired decide to ‘unretire’!

Another reason, of course, is money.

Retirees who’ve been dealt a sudden financial blow might be forced into un-retirement to make ends meet. Things like medical expenses, taking care of family members, challenges from the dramatic increase in inflation over the past year, etc. can all put financial strain on you.

So if you had to become unretired, whether by choice or not, do you know about the landmines that could really mess things up?​

Here are a few:

Social Security: If you go back to work and make too much money (based on guidelines the government sets), you may be required to pay back a substantial portion of your Social Security benefits. That doesn’t sound like fun! In some cases, you may still be eligible for benefits, but at a much reduced rate.

Retirement Accounts: If you have a current employer-sponsored retirement account, you may be eligible to keep contributing. A big thing to consider is that you will still be required to keep up your required minimum distributions if you are over 72. If you skip them, you could face a tax penalty. A 50% tax penalty. Again, not so fun!

It’s well within your power to build the retirement (or ‘un-retirement’) you want, no matter how you choose to spend your time. You just have to plan for it and examine the impact on your lifestyle first.

Doing the analysis and coming up with a solid and flexible retirement income blueprint can help you turn these hard decisions into simple ones.

If you ever find yourself in this boat of retirement or un-retirement just give us a call and we can chat about it.


All the Best,

Nick and Jerry

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