Our On The Money Retirement Review System

On The Money Retirement Review

What It Is And Why You Need It

Traditionally, financial planning has been focused on rate of return, risk and reward analysis and ultimately, the creation of a suitable plan geared toward accomplishing the client’s goals. The On The Money Retirement Review certainly incorporates those important aspects of planning, but it also includes critical components that may have been left un-reviewed.

The On The Money Retirement Review Process reveals potential problems with your plan and a blueprint on how to fix the problems that you want fixed. Often, the goals our prospective clients have are completely out of reach with how they structure their finances and legal document foundation. Our proprietary process allows you to make the right decisions because of the clarity the process brings to the table.

On The Money Retirement Review is empowering because it allows you, with clear vision, to see for the first time where your money and planning is actually going and make sure it is where you believed you were headed.

Why is The On The Money Retirement Review So Much Better?

One of our clients said it best: “It’s like cleaning out the ‘junk drawer’ for the first time in 30-40 years, and finally getting everything in the right place.” What she meant is that our proprietary On The Money Retirement Review process organizes your financial, retirement, and asset protection planning, rather than just accumulating a “junk drawer” of financial stuff over time with no meaningful analysis of how each affects the others.

On The Money Retirement Review is about coordination, clarity, simplification, and focusing on the purpose of your money. Not just adding yet another binder to the bookcase, but adding the last financial plan you will ever need to help you live the lifestyle you always wanted.

Good Financial Planning Isn’t Old Style Financial Planning

When you peel back the cover, old style “financial planning” is just a product-selling process. It’s geared towards seeing what you have to invest and putting it into some new program that person has to sell you. What ends up happening is you have a hodge podge of investments that you bought over the years and non of them are working together to achieve your goals. It’s like having a football team with only 10 quarterbacks. Your financial master plan should have the right players in the right spots to help you achieve your goals so you can spend more time worrying about what you are going to do in retirement than worrying about your money in retirement.

Complete Custom-Fit Solutions

Most planning in America today is very "cookie-cutter." Not here. Our client families bring in financial problems as different and unique as each of their own fingerprints. No two situations are alike. Therefore, our process is geared toward finding the custom-fit solution to solving our clients’ most pressing problems. Often these problems keep them up at night worried about their future or the future of their loved ones. We help our clients move toward a goal that they always dreamed one that helps give them peace of mind and comfort.

The process of becoming a client of ours involves a few unique steps designed to solve your problems, decide if there’s a fit, and monitor your progress.

1. Evaluate

What’s your vision of retirement? What are your goals, aspirations and concerns? What is your current plan and are you on track or are there some red flags you need to be aware of? These are the things we will discuss during this complimentary initial strategy session with our team. This is a chance to discuss your current plan and discover if you have any problems with the way you are doing things right now and what you can do about it. It’s also a chance to get your questions answered and find out if there is a fit for us to help you.

2. Strategize

The second step in the process is to go over our in-depth team analysis of your situation and address any problems that we have uncovered. Oftentimes this means going over our proprietary STRESS TEST of your current portfolio to find out how much risk you really have with where you are currently invested. It will help you identify strengths, opportunities, potential issues and concerns with your current financial situation.

Once we know what problems you have we can get to work on how to fix them. We will go over your own financial blueprint for solving your problems. You can’t build a house without a blueprint and the same thing goes for your finances.

3. Begin Building Your Financial Dream House

This is the construction phase, where we begin to build out your strategy and get to work on fixing the problems you want us to fix. We will cover the pro’s and con’s of the plan and initiate setting up the strategies for you.

4. Progress Reviews

It’s important to keep your plan up-to-date as you move through life and this means doing regular progress reviews to keep you on track. We will continuously review your portfolio to ensure it is in line with your goals and advise you of any changes that may need to be made to keep your plan as efficient as possible.


To succeed in retirement, it is important to fully understand your current situation and work with a financial planning firm that will make sure your assets are properly invested and managed.

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