How Do I Know When To Retire?

It’s more than just saving some magic number. It’s about having a clear idea of what you spend each month in retirement. A simple budget can give you an idea on what you need to have come in each month to live a confident retirement lifestyle. Major companies have a budget and so should you.

Once you know how much income you need each month to live, find out what you are bringing in from social security, pensions, and other incomes. So if you need $6,000 to pay for what your lifestyle is each month and between social security and other retirement incomes you only have $4,000 coming in, then your shortfall is $2,000.

Do you have enough in your retirement savings to be able to provide an income to fill that shortfall? Retirement is like 20 or even 30 years of unemployment. You have to make sure your retirement savings is enough to fill those gaps and last as long as you do.

Retirement Planning is Income Planning

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To succeed in retirement, it is important to fully understand your current situation and work with a financial planning firm that will make sure your assets are properly invested and managed.

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